Mergers and Acquisitions

When Should a Business Consider a Mergers and Acquisitions?

A business is cyclical and throughout its existence it will see a: startup, growth, maturity, decline, and then once again growth or a certain end. Depending upon where you find your business in this cycle a merger or acquisition could be an opportunity or a dire need. Mergers and Acquisitions can be of peak interest when you are looking to:

  • Increase market share.
  • The profit potential is higher when acquiring outside firms as opposed to investing in existing businesses.
  • Partnering with other businesses can ensure survival.
  • Restructuring equity and debt to make loans cost less, which will attract new shareholders.

As with any business dealing, setting up an M&A agreement is challenging and requires a lot of TLC to get it done right. An M&A can take months or even years to complete from start to finish.


How Riviere Advocacy Group can Help you?

The decision to acquire or merging with a distressed company is not an easy. An incomplete information can complicate the situation. Therefore, it slows down the company growth and harming its brand recognition. To minimize risks and maximize opportunities, our experienced mergers and acquisitions team supports our clients throughout the entire M&A process. Further, we will create the agreements, sign and help you close the deal. Sometimes, in case of cross-border or cross-state, we need to work with local counsel. Our network can help in this cross-state M&A also.

Talk to one of our attorneys today if you are looking at possibly merging with or acquiring another company.