Franchise Disputes and Litigation

In a franchise model, the Franchise will not provide the means to work out every dispute and differences between franchisors and franchisees can result in litigation. Controlling such a dispute will be federal and perhaps state regulations, as well as, the Franchise agreement terms.  When it comes to franchise litigation the stakes are high and being successful in litigation can mean staying in business or going out of business. Franchise disputes in many cases can be worked out without the Court’s intervention however when push comes to shove you may be faced with an issue  that needs the Court’s intervention. Whether you are in the restaurant industry, products distribution, day care, equipment rental, car rental business or other industry. Our network of attorneys has litigated or arbitrated franchise disputes involving expiration, renewal, royalty payments, business support provisions, exclusivity agreements, advertising and marketing, location agreements and purchase and supply disputes. We make a great deal of business sense, give us a call today!