Commercial Real Estate Services

The Riviere Advocacy Group offers a full range of Commercial Real Estate Services to the public. We represent investors, REITs, commercial real estate agents, financial institutions and owners of commercial property from letters of intent right down to close. We handle everything from multi-million dollar properties to undeveloped lots. We have worked with environmental professionals, surveyors, engineers, commercial builders and other construction professionals.

When we draft the purchase/sale agreement and closing documents, our clients are confident the transaction they expected and agreed to is the transaction that closes and funds.  We represent buyers and sellers who want to qualify the transaction as a 1031 tax-deferred exchange.  Using our Title resources, we notify the buyer what, if any, encumbrances will affect the property long before the end of the inspection period.

We have dealt with complex securities such a defeasance and have reviewed the documents connected with this type of transaction such as Defeasance Account Agreement, Defeasance Assignment, Assumption and Release Agreement, Defeasance Certificate, Waiver and Consent, Original Borrower’s Certificate, Disbursement Instructions and Officer’s Certificate.

We can review your lenders loan and security agreements if you are obtaining financing to purchase the property. These documents typically include an affidavit of title, assignment of any leases, environmental indemnity agreement, guaranty agreement, loan agreement, mortgage agreement, and resolution agreements.

We are knowledgeable of New Jersey Bulk Sales Act and the Bulk Sale Notices that are required. If the State of New Jersey requires the Parties to hold a portion of the proceeds in escrow pending the issuance of a sales tax clearance certificate we can serve as Escrow Agent for the same.

We will help you seamlessly integrate with existing tenants when buying a commercial property with tenants. This includes preparing Assignment and assumption of leases, tenant notification letters and estoppel certificates.

In your due diligence we will help you to secure the financial data to answer critical questions such as:

o          How much income is the property currently producing (what is the property’s “Net Operating Income” or “NOI”)?

o          How much income will it produce if and when I am operating it?

To answer the first question, the buyer needs the financial data for the property as it currently exists and for the near past (minimum 3 years). The data must be analyzed from both the income side and the expense side. In the commercial real estate market? Have a question? Give us a call.